We strive to source our ingredients locally and organically because we believe in fresh + sustainable food.

We proudly support:

Eva’s Garden - South Dartmouth, MA
Hudson Valley Harvest Cooperative
Allandale Farm - Chestnut Hill, MA
George Howell Coffee Roasters - Acton, MA
Taza Chocolate - Somerville, MA

Rifrullo is committed to reducing our environmental impact and is a certified 3-star restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association. Here are some of the steps we take to be more eco-friendly:

Step 1

87% of our lights are LEDs, which use up to 90% less energy, last longer, contain no mercury, and emit fewer greenhouse gases than incandescent bulbs.


Step 2

Our High-Efficiency Sink Aerators save enough water to fill over 3 1/2 swimming pools each year.


Step 3

Over 55% of our main dishes are Vegetarian or Vegan, which require significantly less energy and water to produce than meat-based dishes.


Our Cutlery, Hot Cups, Cup Lids, and Take-Out Containers are made with bio-based materials that are commercially compostable.

Step 4


We reuse vintage furnishings and tableware from previous restaurants to reduce our overall purchasing footprint.

Step 5


Composting food waste and recycling plastics, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and paper can keep up to 90% of our waste out of landfills.

Step 6


We use a GreenPro certified Integrated Pest Management Service that focuses on the source of the problem instead of using unnecessary pesticides or chemicals.

Step 7


Our facility is Styrofoam Free, which keeps harmful chemical and litter out of our environment.

STEp 8


Our napkins, bath tissue, and some paper bags are made with materials recovered from curbside recycling.



Our wall-mounted hoods capture more smoke and grease while using less energy than a conventional free-standing hood.

Step 10